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Car Wash & Cleaning

Buy 4 products of your choice pay for 3

It should not only be easy and fun to take care of your car, it should also be cheap. Buy four car care products of your choice and we'll offer you the cheapest one. You can mix however you want, choose between chemicals, washing sponges, washing brushes and drying cloths, etc.  

EVOBRITE Car care - Less packaging - Less price - Less risk of environmental impact - Better results

With smaller packaging, there is less environmental impact both during transport and recycling. In addition, the risk of throwing away half-full packages of car care  products that contain environmentally harmful products in ordinary garbage is reduced. Better then  to buy a smaller package for less money, use the contents and so that  you can put an empty package in the recycling.

It is i.a. therefore, we choose to sell EVOBRITE car care products in smaller packages (150 ml) than what the rest of the industry does (500-5000 ml). There will be lower costs, lower prices and hopefully less  environmental impact. We think it's a smart choice for anyone who likes  their car.