How much does it cost to tint car windows in the UK? 

The cost for window tinting can range significantly, from £50 to £500, depending on the type of tint and whether you apply the tint yourself or take your car to a professional service. Below, we list approximate prices for various options:

  • Self-applied precut window tint film: £50 - £70 (for all windows behind the driver's seat) 
  • Self-applied adhesive film: £100 - £140 (high risk of failure if not done by a professional). 
  • Adhesive film applied by professional: £250 - £500

Our Prices for Precut Window Tint Film

We deliver precut window tint film for tinting windows at the best prices on the market! Detailed mounting instructions and an toolkit are always included. 

Our most sold products
Price GBP
1 rear window
39.99 GBP
3 rear window
69.99 GBP
5 rear window
74.99 GBP
7 rear window
79.99 GBP
2 front door windows
39.99 GBP

Other products
1 windshield stripe
22.99 GBP
1 sunroof
29.99 GBP
1 glass roof
49.99 GBP
1 windshield (few models)
69.99 GBP
2 rear door windows
29.99 GBP
2 boot windows
29.99 GBP
1 rear window
49.99 GBP

3 rear windows = 1 rear window + 2 hatch windows.
5/7/9 rear windows = all windows behind the driver, depending on the car model and number of windows

Cargo van/Minibuse/MPV
119.99 -> GBP
Shipping UK
9.99 GBP
Window tint film, test piece
Contact us and we will send you a test piece of window tint film, free of charge.

Note, minimun order value is 20.00 GBP