1. Orders and changes are made via email and are binding after 24 hours.

2. Prices are including sales tax (deducted outside EU). No payment fees are charged.

3. The item is normally shipped within 2-5 business days. Shipping costs are charged.

4.  The right of cancellation does NOT apply, only Repurchase against price deductions.

5. Complaints must be made within three months, from the time the product is received. 

6. Shipments that cannot be delivered will not be refunded

7. We are never responsible for any improper or illegal use of the products.

For complete information, read our detailed terms of purchase below.

Term and conditions for Evofilmshop.co.uk

Application, definitions and interpretation

These terms and conditions will apply to the purchase of goods by you (hereby referred to as “the customer” or “you”) on the site www.EVOFILM®shop.co.uk.

The site and goods are provided by EVOFILM®, registered under trading name EVO International AB, registered under company number 556808-9659 at Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). Additionally, registered with United Kingdom VAT number 377 2632 74. EVO International AB’s trading address is Norra Ljunggatan 16, 252 28 Helsingborg, Sweden (hereby referred to as “the supplier”, “EVOFILM®”, “us” or “we”).

You can contact us via email at [email protected] 

These are the terms on which we sell goods to you. By ordering any goods available on our website, you agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. You can only purchase goods from the website if you are eligible to enter into a contract and are at least 18 years old.

Below follow explanations on how to interpret some of the terms used throughout these Terms & Conditions:

- By customer, private individuals are meant.

- Contract means a legally binding agreement between you and EVOFILM® for the supply of the goods ordered on our website.

- Delivery location means the customer’s premises or other location where the goods are to be supplied as set out in the order.

- By goods, the goods advertised on the website that we supplied to you of the number and description as set out in the order are meant.

- Order means the customer’s order for the goods from the supplier as submitted following the process set out on the Website.

- By privacy policy, we refer to the terms which set out how we will deal with confidential and personal information received from you via the website.

- By website, we refer to www.evofilm®shop.co.uk, on which the goods are advertised and available for ordering.

Basis of sale

The order process is set out on the website. Each step allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting the order. It is your responsibility to check that you have used the ordering process correctly.

A contract will be formed for the sale of ordered goods only when you receive an email from us confirming the order (order confirmation). You must ensure that the order confirmation is complete and accurate and inform us of any errors immediately. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the order placed by you. By placing an order, you agree to us providing you confirmation of the contract by means of an email containing all information (i.e. the order confirmation). However, as a service we allow you the option to change or cancel your order by contacting us via email within 24 hours of placing the order and informing us of the desired changes/your cancellation request, even if your order has already been dispatched at this time.

You will receive the order confirmation within a reasonable time after making the purchase and we have a legal duty to supply the goods in conformity with the contract.

No variation on the contract whether regarding the description of the goods, fees or otherwise, can be carried out after it has been entered into, unless the variation is agreed upon by the customer and the supplier in writing within the 24-hour period specified above.

Price and payment

The price of the goods and any additional delivery or other charges will be available on the website before the order has been completed. Furthermore, it will also be available in the order confirmation.

Prices and charges include VAT at the rate applicable at the time of the order.

We accept payment via debit card: VISA and MasterCard. We also accept payment via PayPal.

The amount due for custom-made items is debited when production of the item commences. As custom items are made to order, these items will never be backordered.

The purchase amount must be £ 15.00 or more to complete a purchase on the website.

Payments are made via our payment provider partners Klarna, PayPal or Stripe. EVOFILM® does not impose a payment fee, regardless of the payment method chosen.


The description of the goods is as set out on the website or other form of advertisement. Any description is for illustrative purposes only and there may be small discrepancies in the size and colour of the goods supplied.

 All goods that appear on the website are subject to availability. Please note that all goods are made to order and are as such excluded from the right of withdrawal. Read more about this in the section ‘Withdrawal and cancellation’ below.


All orders are made based on your purchase and sent to production when your order has been received. Production time is between 1-4 working days, depending on the season. You will receive an email confirmation when the order has been dispatched.

Delivery time is approximately 1-5 weekdays plus production time, and never more than 30 days in total.

Deliveries to the United Kingdom are carried out by UPS. 

We do not deliver to addresses outside of England, Wales and Scotland. If, however, we do accept an order for delivery outside of these areas you may need to pay import duties or other taxes, as we will not pay them.

In any case, regardless of events beyond our control, if we do not deliver the goods on time, you can treat the contract at an end if:

A) we have refused to deliver the goods, or if delivery on time is essential, or you said to us before the contract was made that delivery on time was essential; or

B) after we failed to deliver on time, you had specified a later period which is appropriate to the circumstances and we failed to deliver within that period.

If you treat the contract at an end for a reason mentioned above, we will (in addition to other remedies) promptly return all payments made under the contract.

The goods will become your responsibility once delivery to the delivery location is completed. You must, if reasonably possible, examine the goods before accepting them. Risk of damage to, or loss of, any goods will pass to you when the goods are delivered to you.

If the delivery is unsuccessful due to faulty or inadequate delivery information, or if the package is refused by the recipient upon delivery and is therefore returned to EVOFILM®, you as the customer will remain fully liable for payment for the custom-made product, which is why no refund will be given to you in this context. Upon your request, within four weeks, we can re-send the shipment for a shipping and handling fee of £ 25.00. After four weeks, the item is destroyed and can no longer be returned. You will then need to place a new order if you still wish to receive the item/s.

Withdrawal and cancellation

As a private consumer, you have the right to cancel online purchases without justification within a period of 14 days. 
However, please note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made items, i.e. items that EVOFILM® has manufactured based on your order specifications, including sun film manufactured for your specific car model. This means that all items purchased from EVOFILM® are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

To help our customers as much as possible, we in turn make several guarantees available. For example, if you regret your purchase, you have the option to make use of our 14-day withdrawal guarantee, which allows 50% of the item price to be refunded. Please contact customer service if you wish to make use of our 14-day withdrawal guarantee or any other guarantee.

Faulty goods and complaints
You have a statutory right that goods delivered are of satisfactory quality, are fit for their purpose and are as described.

Within six months of the date of delivery and in the event of the product being faulty, you are entitled to a repair or replacement. Or a where repair/replacement is not possible a refund. After six months from the date of delivery, similar rights exist, but only if you can prove that the fault was present at the point of delivery.

If you believe that an item you have received from us has a defect, please contact our customer service via telephone: (+44) 01224 085 295 or via email [email protected], and inform us about the problem in as much detail as possible. Customer service reserve the right to request additional information and/or photographic documentation if this is necessary to process the complaint.

We offer a number of guarantees, e.g. a 5-year product warranty, which provides a 5-year guarantee of colour fastness and against the formation of cracks and crackling of the sun film. The warranty applies to the car on which the sun film is mounted. To claim the product warranty, a receipt for the purchase and proof of car ownership are required. The product warranty is conditional upon the sun film being properly assembled from the start and having been treated in a reasonable manner during its lifetime.
You can read more on our different guarantees here.

We do our utmost to resolve complaints on amicable terms with our customers. If you are dissatisfied with the way in which we have handled your complaint we refer you to contact the UK European Consumer Centre. You can find their contact information here: https://www.ukecc.net/contact-us

Circumstances beyond the control of either party

In the event of any failure by a party because of something beyond its reasonable control, the party will advise the other party as soon as reasonably practicable. The party’s obligations will be suspended so far as is reasonable to amend the failure, and the party will not be liable for any failure which it could not reasonably avoid. This does not, however, affect the customer’s rights relating to delivery and any right to cancel as stated in these terms and conditions.

Personal information

We retain and use all information strictly under the privacy policy and comply with the general data protection regulation with regard to your personal information. We may contact you by using email or other electronic communication methods and by prepaid post and you expressly agreed to this. These terms and conditions should be read alongside, and are in addition to our policies, including our privacy policy.

Excluding liability

The supplier does not exclude liability for:

- any fraudulent act or omission; or

- personal injury or death caused by negligence or breach of the supplier’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, the supplier is not liable for a loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the contract was made, or

- loss (e.g. loss of profit) to the customer’s business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a consumer – because the supplier believes the customer is not buying the goods wholly or mainly for the business, trade, craft or profession.