Report a complaint - Quick guide

1. Take pictures of the vehicle and the fault

2. Measure the error and enter the exact measurement in millimeters

3. Fill in the form and submit

Before you can make a complaint, you must complete the assembly of the film as far as possible. Installations that are not completed and can be shown in the picture are not accepted as a complaint.

Photograph your car correctly

How to photograph your car in a correct way so that we can help you, regardless of whether you want to buy solar film for your car and need help choosing the right body model, a complaint or an inquiry if we have solar film for your particular car model .

Photograph a complaint - Quick guide

How to photograph your car and the films so that we can help you in the best way with your complaint matter.

1. Photography from the outside

Wrong: Detail pictures  of gaps cannot be used to handle a complaint case.

Correct: You need to see the entire box and the film to be able to assess the assembly and possibly. production defects. 

2. Photography from the inside

Wrong: Detail pictures of gaps on one side of eg a rear window can not be used to handle a complaint case.

Correct:  Regardless of whether there is a fault on one side or if there is a fault on both sides, an image is needed that shows the entire film so that you can see both sides of the glass to be able to handle the complaint matter.

Make a Complaint

Before you report a complaint, make sure that your order is correct, especially if the films you have received do not fit at all. Check that you have ordered the right body model, not year model, but body model, read more about body models here.

How to report a complaint or a warranty case

1. Take pictures of the vehicle and the fault

In order for us to be able to help you with a complaint, we need pictures of the vehicle from the front, rear and side to be able to determine which body the car has. Then we want pictures that show what you think is wrong with the film. You will find more information on how to photograph your car and an error in our photo guide.

2. Measure the error and enter the exact measurement in millimeters

An error must always be stated in exact dimensions, ie "there is no X mm", not "there is a gap between X and Y mm". The errors must be stated in writing. Images of various measuring tools are not approved as interpretation problems may arise. Remember to always state total dimensions, ie there is no 5 mm on one side and 4 mm on the other side, so the error is 9 mm and so on.

3. Fill in the form and submit

When you have taken pictures of the car, of any faults and taken measurements of these, you are ready to submit a complaint.

Most common causes of errors

The most common mistake many people make is to measure the film on the glass instead of mounting it. The film is stretched 5-10 mm during assembly and therefore we require that the film must be mounted before a complaint can be made. Then there are many who do not stretch the film enough during assembly. If 1-2 mm is missing from the film, it is a clear sign that the film has not been stretched properly and we will therefore require re-assembly before we take a complaint on such a case.

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