95% Black
Black film. Little transparency (VLT 5%). Reduces radiative heath by about 80%.
75% Dark
Dark film. Some transparency (VLT 25%). Reduces radiative heath by about 60%.
50% Smoke
Light smoke-colored film (VLT 50%). Discrete transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 50%
25% Ice
Light ice-blue film (VLT 75%) Normal transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 85%

Window tint Mercedes E-Klass estate

79.99 GBP

67.99 GBP

  • Tool kit included free of charge!
  • Delivered pre-cut for easy assembly
  • Glue-free film for easy installation!
  • Assembly guarantee 30 days!

  • Order individual films, click here
  • NOTE! No right of withdrawal. Check your order carefully.

Window tint film for the Mercedes E-Klass estate.

Removable precut window tint film for all Mercedes E-Klass estate year's models from 1985 and forward. The Mercedes E-Klass estate has seven windows behind the driver (behind the B-pillar), of which three are in the trunk, four are in the passenger doors and two are in the front doors.

Note that there are different body models for the Mercedes E-Klass estate for models 1995, 2003, 2009 and 2017, so choose the right one!

Buy window tint film for the front doors of your Mercedes E-Klass estate at a reduced price! (Reduced price applies when ordering window tint film for the other windows behind the driver). With window tint film on all windows, you get a nicer, safer and cooler Mercedes E-Klass estate.

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