EVOFILM Customer service

Here you get quick help with the most common questions. If you do not find the answer to your question here, you are of course welcome to contact us for personal service.

Questions about EVOFILM

EVOFILM is an adhesive-free solar film that anyone can mount. It is always delivered pre-cut to your car model together with a complete tool kit and a detailed installation instruction. In addition, we have really good videos that show in detail how to mount the solar film. If you want to know more, you will find all the answers here.

Product samples

Our product samples are sent out free of charge and contain a sample of all our films.

Can't find my car

If you do not find solar film for your car model, you are welcome to send us an inquiry.


Sad if something has gone wrong. To be able to handle your complaint, we always need detailed information about the error and pictures of the error. You can easily make a complaint with our complaint form. 

Use the form:

  • If the film does not fit your car
  • If you want to use our 14-day Repurchase Guarantee
  • If you missed to pick up your package
  • If you need a new tool or EVOGEL

Warranty orders

Welcome to use our unique and generous guarantees.

  • Assembly guarantee - one (1) new film free of charge within 30 days
  • Supplementary guarantee - 50% discount within 365 days
  • Wrong order guarantee - 60% discount within 7 days

Contact Us

If you have not found the answer to your question here, you are welcome to contact us for personal service.