Questions & Answers about our window tint film.

Here you can find answers to most of the questions about our EVOFILM® window tint film. Please contact us if you do not find the answer you are looking for.

EVOFILM® is not an ordinary adhesive window tint film, but a removable window tint film. It is obvious that people who have never seen window tint film before, or who have maybe been unsuccessful with ordinary window tint film, wonder how it works.

EVOFILM precut window tint film

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to roll down the windows after EVOFILM® has been applied?

Yes, if the film is correctly installed, there is no problem to roll the windows up or down as usual. EVOFILM® remains attached to the window, although it is an adhesive-free window tint film.

Is it possible to see out in the dark if the vehicle has EVOFILM® window tint film?

Obviously, otherwise it would be suicidal to put window tint film in a car. Naturally, with window tint film it is darker in the rear-view mirror at night time, but not much light is needed, for example from the car's back lights, from street lights, or from other cars, to give good visibility if EVOFILM® is being used.

How do I apply EVOFILM®?

It is easy to apply EVOFILM®, even if you do not have any experience with window tint film; you just need to be accurate and to work methodically. Spray the window and the film with mounting water. Apply the precut window tint film to the window and adjust it. Then squeeze out all the water between the film and the window with the accompanying application scraper. Done! If something goes wrong, just remove the window tint film and apply it again. There is no risk of bubbles or folds. Application tools and clear instructions always come with the window tint film. 

Product questions

What is EVOFILM®?

EVOFILM® is a high-quality, removable window tint film. EVOFILM® is made from flexible PVC, which makes it resistant to folding or bending and quite easy to apply, even without prior knowledge. 

Why should I choose EVOFILM®?

EVOFILM® is perfect for those who want to tint their vehicle's windows at a reasonable price but have no particular prior knowledge about how window tint film is applied. Since EVOFILM® is always delivered precut to the shape of the windows for just the model of your own car, you also save a lot of time and patience by not needing to cut the window tint film yourself. 

How much sun protection does EVOFILM® provide?             

EVOFILM® is a window tint film of the highest quality which gives you very good protection against the sun. Using EVOFILM®, you can lower the sun's UV- and IR-radiation by up to 80-90%, depending upon which film and tinting level you choose. 

What warranties does EVOFILM® have?           

EVOFILM® has a 5-year warranty which covers color fastness and splitting or cracking of the window tint film. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive guarantees on your purchase of window tint film from us, wherever you go. Of course, all our guarantees follow the car, even if it changes ownership. 

Is EVOFILM® available precut for all car models?          

Yes, EVOFILM® can be delivered precut for nearly all car models on the planet, and even for a number of really old editions. We continually update our range of vehicle models and editions, but if you do not find your model at our shop, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to apply EVOFILM® to a heated window?          

Yes, it is perfectly possible to apply EVOFILM® to a heated window. The most important thing to think about when tinting heated windows with window tinting film, in addition to not damaging any heating elements while pressing out any mounting water with the scraper, is not to turn on the window heating for a few days after the film has been applied, so that it dries and adheres properly first.

Is it dangerous if my children or my dog lick the EVOFILM®?          

EVOFILM® is made from flexible PVC, ie soft plastic, which just like any other plastic, should not be licked, sucked or bitten, but small children or dogs sometimes do what they shouldn't. Therefore it is comforting to know that EVOFILM® is certified according to the European Union's REACH regulatory system for protection against dangerous chemicals, and according to EN71-3 for protection against the migration of harmful substances, a regulation which is also used, for example, for toys. So a lick or two on the window will do no harm, but if the pooch has successfully pulled loose and swallowed half of the film, you should of course contact your vet.  

Purchasing questions

How much does EVOFILM® cost?         

EVOFILM® costs from 15 GBP for a precut edge for a windscreen, to 80 GBP for precut window tint film for a complete car with 5-7 rear windows and two front door windows. Application instructions and tools are always included. 

How long is the delivery time for EVOFILM®?     

We normally dispatch your order within 1-3 working days from the time we have received and confirmed your order. All orders are produced upon receipt in turn. During the high season from April to July, delivery time can be a little longer. If you are in a hurry, please contact us, and usually we can solve the problem on the same day.

What should I do if the EVOFILM® does not fit my car windows?   

The first thing you should do if you see that the window tint film does not fit the windows of your car is to accurately check that you have ordered window tint film for the right car and year model. Remember that a car of the same year model may be produced in two different versions if the manufacturer changed models during the year. If you have ordered the right window tint film and it doesn't fit perfectly, you should of course contact us so that we can correct the problem.

Can I cancel my purchase of EVOFILM®?  

Precut window tint film is a so-called manufactured item, which is to say that it is specially manufactured to order for a specific purpose. There is then no right to withdraw the order, according to the Distance Contracts Act. We therefore offer instead a Buyback Guarantee, where we buy back your window tint film at reduced price. If you have ordered window tint film and wish to cancel the order, contact us and we usually find a solution which will satisfy you. Read more about our Terms of Sale for window tint film and our fantastic guarantees for window tint film.