95% Black
Black film. Little transparency (VLT 5%). Reduces radiative heath by about 80%.
75% Dark
Dark film. Some transparency (VLT 25%). Reduces radiative heath by about 60%.
50% Smoke
Light smoke-colored film (VLT 50%). Discrete transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 50%
25% Ice
Light ice-blue film (VLT 75%) Normal transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 85%

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  • Delivered pre-cut for easy assembly
  • Glue-free film for easy installation!
  • Assembly guarantee 30 days!

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7-Day Ordering Error Guarantee!

If you happen to order solar film for the wrong year model on your car we will arrange new film (for a small fee). Contact customer service before ordering. Tool kit not included.

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A unique window tint film!
EVOFILM® is a  removable adhesive-free static cling window tint film made of the  highest-quality flexible PVC. EVOFILM® flexible window tint film is  completely insensitive to folding and bending, and does not need to be  shrunk, shaped or jointed to be applied to an arched window. EVOFILM®  can be removed and reapplied on your car with the same  successful result.

Easy assembly!
EVOFILM® is  delivered as a precut window film for all car, for quick  and easy application. EVOFILM® window tint film is adhesive-free, which  makes it very easy to put in the window tint film with successful  results, and without ugly bubbles or creases! Mounting scraper and  instructions are included.

Best market guarantees!
EVOFILM®  window tint film has a 5 year product guarantee. We also offer  comprehensive guarantees that follow your car, for  example, should the window tint film be damaged during application you  get a new window tint film at no cost!