What is factory tinted windows?

Factory tint is simply a pigment in the glass that makes it look darker so it isn’t an actual film that’s installed. Factory tint comes from the factory that makes the vehicle and isn’t installed afterwards.  It’s main purpose is help give the riders a sense of privacy.

Does factory tinted car windows protect against heat and radiation as good as window tint film does?

No certainly not since the factory tint is just dyed glas. Although factory tinted glass is very similar in looks compared to window tint film it does not have the same benefits window tint film holds. Many customers believe that because their vehicles have factory tint they don't have to tint their car windows but there is a huge difference between window tint film and factory tint. Factory tints main purpose is for privacy. 

When it comes to blocking out harmful UV rays all glass blocks out harmful UVB rays.  UVA rays are the ones to worry about due to them being the ones that can penetrate through glass. Having an window tint film installed on your car windows can greatly reduce your chances of skin issues and help reject up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Another reason window tint film is better is that it helps reject heat unlike factory tint.

Factory tinted car window

Factory tint is created using a dye on the inside of the glass, giving it a darkened look and preventing a percentage of visual light from passing through the glass. This process is referred to as “deep dipping” and doesn’t protect against the Ultraviolet rays that are harmful to your skin. Factory tint lets through visible light, solar heat, and UV rays; whereas, window film keeps out the solar heat and harmful UV rays.

Car window tinted with film

Window tint film reduces heat coming into the vehicle and rejects up to 99% of UV rays while factory tinted glass’s only benefit is the extra sense of privacy. With the car being exposed to the sun it heats up very quickly and exposes passengers to harmful UV rays that can be be stopped by a window tint film. Window tint film can also help reduce gas usage by not needing the AC to be running as much. Compared to factory tint window tint film window film keeps out the solar heat and harmful UV rays.

Can you put window tint film over factory tint?

Yes you can. When it comes to factory tinted windows on a vehicle, you can safely apply tint over the factory tinted glass and it’s relatively easy to do. There are many types of tint available for cars today, and you don’t need to be stuck with factory tint that you don’t like.

But never try to tint over excisting window tint film . If your car already have window tint film , the appropriate solution is to completely strip off the first window tint film and then add a new layer of window tint film.