95% Black
Black film. Little transparency (VLT 5%). Reduces radiative heath by about 80%.
75% Dark
Dark film. Some transparency (VLT 25%). Reduces radiative heath by about 60%.
50% Smoke
Light smoke-colored film (VLT 50%). Discrete transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 50%
25% Ice
Light ice-blue film (VLT 75%) Normal transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 85%

Window tint Mercedes Vito L2

139.99 GBP

118.99 GBP

  • Tool kit included free of charge!
  • Delivered pre-cut for easy assembly
  • Glue-free film for easy installation!
  • Assembly guarantee 30 days!

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  • NOTE! No right of withdrawal. Check your order carefully.

Window tint film for the Mercedes Vito L2 (long).

Removable precut window tint film for all Mercedes Vito L2 year's models from 1996 to 2014. The Mercedes Vito L2 has five windows behind the driver (behind the B-pillar), of which three windows are in the trunk and two windows are in the passenger doors, and two windows in the front doors. Specify whether the rear side windows can be opened or not.

Note that there are different body models for the Mercedes Vito, L1 SWB (compact), L2 LWB (long) and L3 (extra long). This is window tint film for Mercedes Vito L2 Long.

Buy window tint film for the front doors of your Mercedes Vito L2 at a reduced price! (Reduced price applies when ordering window tint film for the other windows behind the driver). With window tint film on all windows, you get a nicer, safer and cooler Mercedes Vito L2.

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